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Yesterday evening I noticed I had an abundance of energy. Usually I crash around 8pm, so this was unusual indeed. Then I realized that I had dropped off the copies of the completed and corrected thesis that afternoon. A weight I had unknowingly been carrying around (for over 6 and half years) seems to have been lifted. Yahoo! There were some hiccups (mostly leaving my wallet in the city where I live while travelling to the city where I did my Phd, but my wonderful supervisor gave me the money I was missing, supporting me until the very end, as she said!), and there are still some administrative issues to iron out (I need a letter attesting that I am really done so I can officially get the long awaited pay raise), but I am done. I will be back soon to do a retrospective on staying sane for those of us who took the long route, and also about the varying amounts of time it takes to completion, as I watched those who had started after me finish before me, but also as I now hang out with those who started with me but are not yet done… After that, I need to rethink the purpose of the blog and whether or not I will stick with it. Stay tuned!

The Defense

So I did it, I successfully defended my thesis. I was nervous beforehand, but I enjoyed the event, and the Prosecco afterwards, and the lunch, and the celebratory dinner with family. I did learn that, with a PhD in Education, I am not allowed to use Dr. in front of my name. Not that I would have done this seriously, but I learned that I am only allowed to write Ph.D. or Doctor of Educator after my name. I am pretty sure I will never do this. I was also not planning on attending the long and excruciatingly¬†boring graduation ceremony, but I just learned that as a professor, when I attend these ceremonies to support my students, I have to wear a gown, and if I don’t attend my own I have to wear a very heavy and ugly yellow gown, instead of the lightweight black gown with the thing you receive at your own graduation – I am not sure if it is a hood or more of a vest-like thing, but apparently I have many of these painful ceremonies in my future and I will attend my own. I am not completely finished, I still have some corrections to do before the final submission, but I passed, and I will soon no longer have access to the student discount at my gym.