Archive | December 2017

Initial submission complete!

This week I submitted the first official version of the complete thesis (366 pages including references and annexes) to the evaluation committee. I also : attended two Christmas meals at my son’s school, including spending a morning decorating the school gym and cutting up meat pies for the Christmas halal lunch; attended a meeting about health advocacy in the region I now live in; attended a union meeting where we voted to strike (for 10 hours, over the course of a month, that’s another post, maybe); met with 2 colleagues, separately, regarding courses we are co-teaching, one next semester, one this past semester; travelled to the city I used to live in to attend a meeting and a Christmas party; hosted the family Chanukah party; spent a day revising the thesis; spent a few hours here and there marking; completed the Christmas/Chanukah shopping; and reviewed a chapter where I am a co-author. Work-life balance at it’s best? At it’s worst? I have no idea. There were stressful moments, there was some celebration, now I wait 3 months for the committee to evaluate the thesis and set a defense date, oh and spend my holidays marking, which I swore I wouldn’t do this year!