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3 more chapters to revise…and no time!!!

So, summer is coming to an end. Course syllabi have been submitted, planning for teaching has begun. Committee work is kicking up, and I’m off to Italy this weekend for a conference. I received feedback on my initial thesis draft while I was on vacation, and have spent most of August revising, but I still have 3 chapters to go, not to mention the references to go through (now is not the time to tell me I should I have been better with my use of reference management software!). While the revisions are not major (I don’t need to rewrite anything, yet – the whole committee hasn’t read it, just my co-supervisors), they do take time. I’m a bit worried about keeping the thesis as a priority once classes start (2 weeks from yesterday), but I have a deadline (September, I am amending that from beginning of to end of, in a rare attempt to face reality), so hopefully that will keep me on track. That’s the update for today, the end is in sight, but still a ways off. Any encouragement will be much appreciated 🙂