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So, I am no longer living 2 and a half hours away from my job

I moved, with the whole family. Happily unpacking boxes and less happily putting stuff away. My official vacation ended yesterday, so I’m back to work (now only a 4-minute cycle away!) I got feedback on the first full draft of the thesis – basically I need to reorganize some things and find a better style and tone for chapter 4. Chapter 4 is my assembled narratives, basically presenting the data before I present the analysis. It is a totally different kind of writing (more narrative, less academic). I think I would be capable of doing this in my native language (English), but in French, not so much. I’ve got the academic formula down pat, though I still make mistakes and lack finesse, but I’m in unfamiliar waters here, and my wonderful and super supportive supervisors can’t help me. I’m thinking of recruiting a student in literary studies or literary creation to help me get a handle on this. I have a month and a bit to submit the next version, which should be the one to go to the whole committee. I’m also working on the references in my free time, and on other publication projects, and on prepping the classes I’m teaching in the Fall…