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Down to limitations and implications

No need to mention the references, acknowledgments, formatting, and a few rounds of corrections. I did a practice defense because I was invited to present my thesis project to a group of grad students, the deadline keeps changing (due to my supervisor’s knee surgery) and is now during my vacation, but I just may be able to finish it before I leave, so yeah, the end is in sight!

Halfway through the conclusion

I have a deadline, two weeks from now. Unfortunately I am also moving during that time, not to mention the conference/vacation overseas, but I got through most of the other crazy tasks I had to do. I ran 30k. I organized a conference (at which I presented 3 papers, what was I thinking?), and a networking event. I am almost finished preparing next week’s guest lecture and my keynote speech. I am so looking forward to those 3 weeks of vacation after the thesis deadline!