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Making Progress

Sadly, the return from Bootcamp was rough – motivation was hard to find. After a few days of getting very little done at home on my own I decided to meet up with strangers through the Facebook site set up by others who have experienced a post-retreat slump. There are people who meet in caf├ęs or libraries daily, in many cities across the province, to write alone but together. It worked like a charm. I went twice and chapter 5 (that’s my second results/discussion chapter) is done. Leaving me with revising chapters 1 to 4, putting all my references in order, fixing the formatting, revising chapter 5, writing a conclusion, revising, rewriting, revising…but the end is approaching. I think letting go of the PhD student identity is going to be hard, but, I get a pay raise, I get to not lose my job, so I’ll adjust. Still no idea of a realistic timeline, but it’s because a lot depends on my how my co-supervisors feel about the work I’ve done. Hopefully this lack of estimation skills will not continue throughout my career!