Welcome to my blog!

Hi there,

First of all, let me take a few moments to introduce myself, and this blog.

I am a second year PhD student in Education at a large French-speaking university in Quebec. I speak English as a first language and have done all my other schooling in English, so I figured why not add an extra challenge to this PhD endeavor and become more bilingual in the process. I am 39 years old; I have 2 kids and a partner, no pets. I am actually pretty afraid of most animals, especially of the idea of having them in my house, because I worry that they will get pissed off about their captivity and attack us, and I have no desire to do any extra vacuuming either, but I digress…I have been a preschool and elementary teacher, taught early childhood education at the post-secondary level, and am still an early childhood consultant on a very part-time basis.

I have been inspired by The Thesis Whisperer, and other PhD student blogs, but really have no idea how people have time to blog and work and study. Luckily, I am taking this amazing class (at a different university, more on that later), and we have a digital storytelling assignment. Hopefully this blog is an example of digital storytelling, and at least one person will read it!

My thesis project is going to be a narrative case study focusing on parent-educator and parent-teacher relationships during the transition to kindergarten in marginalized communities. I am at the point in my studies where I am finalizing the first 3 chapters, and hope to submit my proposal early next Fall. I am also currently taking my last few classes: a seminar focused on methodology, an advanced qualitative methodology class, and a reading course.

The way I envision this blog at the moment is like a reflexive journal, only less honest, because it’s public. My first post is on the non-knowing subject.


About joannelehrer

I am a PhD student attempting to critically engage with narrative research in early childhood education. My doctoral project focuses on family-educator and family-teacher relationships during the transition to kindergarten in marginalized communities. I created this blog to document the journey, and to reach out to others in the vague hope of creating an opportunity for exchange with other students or academics...kind of like a virtual message in a bottle.

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